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Solar is nothing new ... So why are our Wai'tuPower Solar Generators and products so amazing and have everyone talking?

  • 1Very unique system design - it's all portable!
  • 2Our Solutions are Perfect for remote areas.
  • 3Reduce or eliminate your electric bill...forever!

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Wai'tuPower is proud to feature our product line exclusively through iShop Caribbean - the Caribbean Growth Marketplace. Through our store on iShop Caribbean you are able to:

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    Feature 1

    Our Wai'tuPower system batteries are all maintenance free and designed to stand the test of time. This means no waste and mother earth will be happy with us both!

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    Feature 2

    • Reduce dependency on fossil fuels
    • Eliminate Carbon Monoxide exhaust
    • Wai'tuPower systems can use hydro not petro!
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    Feature 3

    Noise pollution is also a serious type of pollution! Wai'tuPower Solar Generators are really quiet so Mother Earth can get back to replanting trees in peace and quiet!

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    Feature 4

    Our components harness even more power from the sun than others. We deliver the most power you can handle! Our Wai'tuPower solutions are, well ... secure and fantastically efficient!

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    Feature 5

    We are not sure why they're called green technology when they're transparent to translucent, but no matter, we support all of them. Here's a reminder : Sun rays, Water flows, Wind blows...Wai'tuPower, powers!

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    Feature 6

    Wai'tuPower helps recycle your money back into your pocket, or shopping bag. Either way, let us help you save on your power (#typo; We meant cash) consumption!



Frequently Asked Questions

What size solar generators do you offer?
Wai'tuPower Solar Generators come in 5kW up to 20kW inverter based systems (we do smaller units on request) and the minimum battery capacity we offer is 400AH.

How many panels will I need?
When you contact us for a site visit we give you the best advice based on your budget and long term goals. Let us help you secure a greener future with a Wai'tuPower system, contact us today!

Isn't solar expensive?
Yes. So we have partnered with several businesses from financial to logistics to help you join the ranks of our clients who are currently enjoying their Wai'tuPower products without having to worry about high initial investments.

What if I want to upgrade later?
We have so designed our systems as to make upgrading as seamless an experience as possible. No one size fits all approach can adequately cover your specific needs, and that's exactly why we're the highest in client loyalty and satisfaction!


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